1255 Personal Training

Intimate Group Training

1255 Personal Training is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals with a 1:1 or small group training session. Call, text or email me to sign up for a FREE complimentary evaluation and training session.
All sessions will be held in Next Level Fitness at the above address.

Hard work pays off

For the last 2 months my client has been busting his ass in and outside of the gym and has finally achieved the results he's been looking for for the past 4 years. The way he's done this is with 100% dedication to proper nutrition and 3-4 days a week getting beaten down in the gym. There's no other way to get these types of results and he'd tell you that personally now after 4 years of working out. He started with me 4 years ago wanting to get bigger and stronger but was never able to get more than strong because of his erratic and poor eating habits. When he started he was about 185lbs and 20%+ body fat. Over the last 4 years he's got down to about 170lbs and 15% body fat and got significantly stronger. However, it's been the last 2 months where he's really achieved his greatest gains, he's now down to 163lbs and 11.4% body fat. You can't eat like crap and expect results, you also can't do crap workouts that don't work your whole body and expect results. So here are what some of his workouts were.