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Been injured for quite a while dealing with significant past injuries to my elbow and wrists. Finally starting to be able to move some weight, unfortunately I now need to wrap my wrists and use wraps when pulling any weight as to not inure my ligaments in my wrists. Also gotta take it slow with DL n squats n not go too heavy to quick so I don't hurt my wrists, elbow, back and pride lol I'm old at 26 nearly 27. Here was today's workout.

-Warm up. bench + hex bar DL x10
-Smith Bench + hex bar 6x10 @ 65% & 45%
-Neutral grip lat pull down + incline bench 6x10 @ 50%
-Neutral grip full ext rows + push-ups 6x10 @ 60% 
-TRX abs till failure x5