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Workout 4/2

OK so todays workout is one of a few workouts I was doing 4-7 years ago when I was power lifting and winning (7 for 7) at Penn State. Perform 4 sets with 8-10 reps for each. By the 8-10th it should be hard and you should be pushing yourself. I did this with my 21 yr old client today and he nearly puked by the end. If you dont feel worn by the end, up your weight.  Use a moderate to heavy weight, try and increase on each set.

1. Sitting rows 1-15
2. Squat 4-8
2. Dead lift 4-8
3. Dumbbell bench 4-10
3. Dumbbell bent over row 4-8
4. Incline dumbbell bench 4-8
5. Push-ups and abs (TRX) 4-failure