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1255 Personal Training is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals with a 1:1 or small group training session. Call, text or email me to sign up for a FREE complimentary evaluation and training session.
All sessions will be held in Next Level Fitness at the above address.

Workout 4/1

2 Hours outside today with Pete aka. Mongo 

30lb rope-alternating 30 seconds
50lb rope- ""
10 tire flips, 10 back
30lb rope-slams 30 seconds
50lb rope- ""
20 sledge hammers on tire alternating hands
10 tire flips+10 push-ups after each flip
30lb rope-jumping jacks 30 total
50lb rope- ""
20 sledge hammers 
50lb rope-alternating 30 seconds
30lb rope- ""
Tire pulls- walking backwards
TRX rows+flys 20
50lb rope-slams 40 total
30lb rope ""
Tire pulls- forward
Sledge hammers
TRX rows+flys 20
50lb rope-alternating 40 total
30lb rope_ ""
Tire pulls- backwards
Sledge hammer