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Workout 3/19

This was nearly an all upper body workout I did with my client Pete aka Mongo. Took us 2 hours to complete, best workout in a while.

Non-stop reps. complete the circuit before moving to the next weight.

Flat bench followed by TRX rows or full hang pull-ups THEN heavy DB sumo squats THEN Russian twists (weighted) or lying V-ups (weighted). ALL exercises are for 20 reps. 6 sets.

Bench weight was as follows
1/20 @135#
1/20 @155
1/20 @165
1/20 @185
1/20 @205
1/20 @225

ALL exercises 15 reps squeezing at the peak. 5 sets.

Bicep hammer curls with DB @35-40#
Tri ext w/rope @100
Lateral raises @20-25
Hanging leg/knee raises.

All exercises to 15 reps squeezing at the peak. 4 sets.

Rope hammer curls @100#
Tri press down @100
Reverse fly @25
TRX abs+push-ups