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1255 Personal Training is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals with a 1:1 or small group training session. Call, text or email me to sign up for a FREE complimentary evaluation and training session.
All sessions will be held in Next Level Fitness at the above address.

To whom it may concern:
My name is Gopi Pandalai. I strongly recommend Eric Hanson as a personal trainer. But before I
do that, let me give you some background. I am a 43 year old man with two small children who,
like many my age had let a sedentary lifestyle and the responsibilities of a family get in the way of
my health and fitness. Two years ago, the unthinkable happened and I had a heart attack. While I
was shocked and distraught, I was determined to get my life back. Part of that process was
developing a training program to get healthy again. Eric Hanson has helped me tremendously in
that regard. Under his guidance, in less than 6 weeks, I have seen massive gains in strength,
endurance and overall well being. I am certain that with his continued support, I will reach my
fitness and health goals of losing weight, getting stronger and feeling better about everything I do.
His skill goes beyond technical competence. He is a fantastic motivator and will simply not allow
me to fail. He knows how hard to push and when to ease back to suit my abilities. This is exactly
the mentality I was hoping to find in a trainer and it is why I am confident that Eric can help anyone
reach their specific fitness goals.
Gopi Pandalai, Managing Partner
Progressive Industrial Coatings.

7 FACTORY LANE MIDDLESEX, NJ 08846 732.667.3488
March 6, 2012


Eric Hanson helped prepare me for the most exciting and rigorous time of my life. I have been an international competitor in the equestrian sport of dressage for many years. I have competed at the largest shows in the United States as well as Europe. In April 2012, I was selected to compete at the World Cup in the Netherlands for the United States. I came home from Europe with a series of shows under my belt and had the task of preparing for our Olympic Selection trials to be held in New Jersey in June 2012. Making the Olympic team for USA has always been a life goal and dream of mine.My general fitness has always been good. I am lean, work with my horses and riders every day, eat a balanced diet, and have never had any weight issues. I work regularly with a sports psychologist who suggested that I start working out daily to alleviate stress as well as to make sure that I had covered all bases, so that I could feel both physically and mentally the most fit to compete. 

Eric’s approach to fitness is one that helps the body become first balanced and then stronger. For example, I ride horses all day long. The muscle groups that I use are the same ones day in and day out. Eric wanted me to use the other muscle groups that I don’t use every day. I was amazed when he showed me with my body how strong, and also how weak I was. He works with me regularly, advancing the program often in order to build more muscle in the right places to support my bones, tendons, and ligaments. Becoming more balanced in my muscle has helped me feel better, have better posture, become a stronger athlete, and I feel less prone to injury.

Eric works with individuals and tailors a program for each person, which is unique to any service industry. He has always been very concerned about my progress, monitored me regularly, pushed me when it was necessary, and helped me achieve my goal. Yes, I made the 2012 Olympic Team for the United States, my biggest goal and most proud moment, other than being a father. Without Eric’s help to strengthen my body as well as to give me mental confidence, I would not have been prepared for this wonderful adventure and accomplishment.

Jan Ebeling

Eric is motivating passionate and determined to give you the results you want. We gave up one summer to workout with him and instantly saw the results we wanted. We learned how to workout and do exercises on our own which we were then able to do back at school (Fairfield University). We continue to see Eric when we're home on breaks and will certainly see him again this coming summer.

Bianca & Alanna Noll